A Night Out With an Escort

So, it was mid December particularly the Christmas week when I finalized my leave contract from work. I didn’t have a family to go to, mostly because I’m single and I don’t like the idea of spending Christmas with relatives – a lot of family issues. I love them though, but not good holiday companions at all.

As an introvert myself, dating pretty much eluded me and I didn’t see any problem with being alone most of the time. Of course, I’ve had an altercation here and there but nothing too serious. This Christmas week wasn’t different like the others – wake up, take breakfast, watch some cable, and visit the club in the evening to see if I could get lucky.

As you may know, the festivities are full of fun and you can enhance your experience as long as you have some pounds on you. During this holiday, I felt more lonely than usual. It had been sometime since my last encounter with a lady. And boy my appetite was over the moon, meaning I had to act quickly to satisfy my hunger.

Because London is where I stay, I decided to visit a popular club around my area with one aim only – take home a mature babe for some fun, it’s how I like them. So, I enter the club and hang around by the counter for some light drinks. And because it was the festive season, there was more meat than I could chew that night. There were beautiful and mature babes all waiting for your move, and some even approaching you.

I approached my pick, bought her some few drinks and before I knew it we were home all sweaty and dirty like an animal encounter. I didn’t quite like the experience and I even felt lonelier soon as she left.

I Turned to an Escort Agency

Unlike the club where you just pick up someone based on your preferences, agencies actually offer more and better options. I’d heard before about London escorts but it never crossed my mind to actually seek such services. And before I even proceed, turns out I was missing plenty by ignoring such services.

So, I hopped into a particular agency that hosts a vast variety of London escorts. This agency had it all, from young, middle aged, to mature escorts all offering the same service but in their unique ways. Moreover, I could converse with them before meeting, something that made me feel less lonely. The mature category I like had their demands and requests, which made me, feel like I wasn’t only hooking up but getting more.

My particular girl was mid 30s, a mature babe that fit all my desires and pretty attractive as well. We agreed on a date, it was the 25th and I knew she was the present I wanted to open on Boxing Day. So, we went out on a restaurant and had ourselves a nice Christmas dinner – it was literally a date.

Felt nice also because she didn’t rush the process on the account that she had another client. She was polite and listened to my story as I digested hers, while we ate and drank that night.

I took her to my place and we were more comfortable after a night out together. At home, she knew it was time for business and the lady performed her duties adequately and accurately. That night felt different, and she delivered according to her portfolio.

When Boxing Day came I didn’t want any more presents, and I still book her services now and then when I have the time.

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